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To know more about a new place, you need to learn a bit about the region's art and culture. This is possible through the exploration of the city's art galleries and various places that exhibit cultural art forms. These are a few art galleries that you can visit during your stay at Tampa:

Silver Meteor Gallery:

This is a multi-disciplinary gallery that primarily exhibits art. It was transformed from a family house to an art gallery in 1995. It is also a theatrical center with a black box type theater that has only a few seats and a unisex washroom. The gallery is situated near the railway tracks, and it got its name from the view of the swift passenger trains through the door.

Michael Murphy Gallery:

Here you will get to see a variety of art forms and artistic mediums as well as numerous other elements. This art gallery exudes an aura of comfort, coziness, and passivity. The highlights of the gallery are the mosaic works by Robin Austin and old portraits of the world and peaceful landscapes. Apart from this, there are prints of popular cartoon characters and patterns. All of the artworks in the gallery are primarily made using oil colors, watercolors, marbles, mosaics, acrylics, and paints.

Phoenix Glass Studio And Gallery

This gallery has put on display a wide collection of porcelain as well as glass items. It is owned and maintained by artist Susan Gott. Here you will find a variety of unique glass sculptures. These make brilliant giftwares and home d├ęcor options. You can also take part in the open house events and interesting workshops and add a personalized touch to the gifts. If you wish to take back home customized products, then do visit the Phoenix Glass studio and procure interesting items.

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